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Protruding teeth as a result of parafunctional habits

Upper front teeth protrusion is one of the most common dental problems we see in our practice.  The source of the problems relate to parafunctional habits, such as thumb-sucking, nail-biting, pacifier-sucking, among others.  In many cases, the pressure from the tongue while swallowing (Tongue Thrusting Habit) would also make the teeth protrude and create spaces between them, affecting the overall bite, its function and the smile.   A good reason to correct them early in life is to avoid fractures, since protruding teeth are more prone to trauma during sports and outdoor activities.

Parafunctional habits can also affect the shape of the upper jaw to the point of deformation.  In this case, orthopedic appliances (in addition to braces) are necessary to help patients stop them, and for us to be able to establish dental alignment and proper bite function. Trying to correct a deformed jaw without controlling harmful habits is a difficult task.  The earlier we identify the problems, the easier the solution.  Hence the importance of a consultation with us when your child is 7 years old.   

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