We are always happy to welcome new patients to Martinez Orthodontics! Here are a few things you need to know about your first visit with us:

Patient Forms

The forms we ask you to fill out are necessary for us to begin your treatment. Every patient needs to fill out the  Medical History form and sign a HIPPA Privacy notice prior to the consultation. When we start treatment, we will ask you to read and sign the Informed Consent form.

Our office is bilingual, so all forms are available on our Forms page in both English and Spanish. You can download them to fill out at home, or you can complete them when you arrive at our office. If you want to finish them here, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment.

Your First Orthodontic Evaluation

Your first orthodontic consultation is the starting point to diagnose most orthodontic problems. Dr. Martinez will perform an orthodontic evaluation that begins with a complete review of your medical and dental history. He will take note of the position of the teeth, assessing any discrepancies with the jaws and the bite to identify issues and plan your treatment at a glance. Then, you and the doctor will talk about it.   

Think of this visit as an interview where we answer all your questions about orthodontia. Dr. Martinez will consider any relevant concern you bring to the table. This might include your esthetic perceptions and expectations, oral habits that may be damaging, previous treatment experiences if any, and any question you may have.   

Dr. Jesus Martinez will explain his findings concerning your malocclusion or “bad bite” with visuals so you can better understand your orthodontic problems. The doctor will go on to recommend the treatment alternatives that best suit your condition and will present you a financial estimate to include fees, insurance coverage amount and payment plans. To receive a fair quotation based on your orthodontic benefits, we ask you to provide us with your dental insurance information before your visit.  See which dental insurances we accept on the Financial Info page.   

Unless required by your dental insurance, you can come directly to Martinez Orthodontics without the need of a referral letter from your dentist. If you have been sent to us, then referral notes and panoramic x-rays from your dentist will be of great help. 

Dr. Martinez’s experience is paramount to easily diagnose and design a straightforward treatment plan for his patients. Fortunately, most cases are presented exactly as they will progress in a given time. But in complex cases with dentofacial problems that are not obvious at plain sight, we recommend taking complete orthodontic records to seek them out before discussing treatment details and pricing.

Regardless, all patients need records taken before starting orthodontics so Dr. Martinez can study everything about your condition to create your individualized orthodontic treatment plan. Your Initial Records consist of digital radiographs and photos of your teeth and head, dental impressions, and a registration of your bite.   

A standard consult takes about 15 minutes but depends on the findings to be discussed. Dr. Martinez is attentive and talkative, so you will leave our office well informed and willing to choose us to help you obtain the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Remember, your first consultation with us is FREE!

At Martinez Orthodontics we want you to have a great experience during your first visit, so please don't hesitate to call us at (305) 552-0402 if you have any other questions!