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Why are retainers necessary?

After we remove your braces, your teeth have the potential to shift throughout life and will move to some degree. Retainers are designed to maintain the position of your teeth and prevent unwanted movement. At Martinez Orthodontics, we design retainers that are either fixed or removable depending on what is most beneficial for your situation.

Dr. Martinez recommends you wear your removable retainers 24/7 for the first year and then while you sleep for a few years. We offer four complimentary retainer follow-up visits during your first year in retention.

Should you get fixed or "permanent" retainers (a piece of wire bonded behind your teeth), you have to take good care of them. If you don’t clean them properly, retainers can build up tartar just like your teeth do. They are also prone to breaking if you eat hard or sticky foods, so it’s also important to be careful with your diet.

Remember, after you have spent money, time, and effort to obtain a beautiful, healthy smile, it's fair to say that by wearing your retainers you are protecting your investment.

Please call Martinez Orthodontics to arrange a free consultation so Dr. Martinez can explain how the process works and how retainers fit into your overall treatment plan.

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